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What is Pororoca?

Pororoca is a HTTP inspection tool, inspired by Postman, but with many improvements.

It is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.



  • Support for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3.
  • Collection-scoped environments.
  • Easy variable management.
  • Secret variables.
  • Collections and environments can be exported together in a single file.
  • Full export and import compatibility with Postman.
  • Much lower memory usage - two to three times less than Postman.
  • Automated testing.
  • WebSockets - for both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.
  • Fast startup time.
  • Free and open-source.

Note: On Windows, support for HTTP/2 requires Windows 10 or later. Support for HTTP/3 requires Linux or Windows 11 and later.

HTTP/3 and privacy

HTTP/3 uses the QUIC transport protocol and there are some privacy concerns about it. This might not be a problem on internal network communications and for most business applications, though. There is an interesting article about it here.

Data protection policy

Pororoca does not sync user data, such as preferences, collections, environments, machine info or telemetry, to any remote server. User preferences and collections are saved as files in the user machine.


Logo and art created by Anderson Martins.