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The installation packages are available on GitHub Releases page. This page and Pororoca official site are the only official and reliable sources for downloading this program.


With installer

Download the installer for your system and follow the installation steps.


Download and extract the package, then run the Pororoca.exe file. If you wish, right-click on the file, Send to, Desktop (create shortcut).


The .exe programs are not signed, therefore, there may be messages from Windows SmartScreen saying that it prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Just click on More info and then on Run anyway to continue.


Download and extract the package, after that, move the Pororoca application to your Applications folder.

It is also necessary that your Mac OS authorizes programs from unidentified developers. There are tutorials on how to authorize in the following links: link1 and link2.

If the application is not moved to the Applications folder, your collections and preferences will not remain saved in your computer.



On Linux, Pororoca requires msquic to make HTTP/3 requests. There are installation instructions here that apply for the most common Linux distros.

Check the Download page to see the proper msquic version to install.

Debian / Ubuntu

Download the .deb package to a folder and install it via Terminal with:

sudo apt install ./Pororoca_version_amd64.deb


Download and extract the package to a folder. After that, you can execute the Pororoca program by clicking on it twice or opening it from your Terminal.