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Export and Import

Collections and environments can be exported to or imported from files, that can be saved and shared with other people.

Pororoca offers full export and import compatibility with Postman.


To export a collection or an environment, click on them in the left panel, then click on the Export collection… or Export environment…, respectively.

The Include secret variables option, if selected, will include the values of secret variables in the exported files. If not selected, the values of secret variables will be replaced by an empty text.

The destination file format can be selected on the exportation window.


With the Pororoca format, the collection's environments will also be carried in the file - there is no need to export each environment individually.




To import a Pororoca or Postman collection, go to the top menu, select File, then Import collection… option. A select file dialog will open.


Postman requests that have file parameters use a different file path scheme than Pororoca. After importing, make sure the file paths are correct, for example, in requests bodies.


To import an environment, expand your collection on the left panel and right-click on the Environments item. Then, Import environment… option. A select file dialog will open.

OpenAPI / Swagger

To import an OpenAPI / Swagger document, the action is the same: File -> Import collection…. The file needs to be valid and have a .json, .yaml or .yml extension.